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AREC - Glen Coutinho

Glen Coutinho – Director of Hocking Stuart

Glen has been in Real estate for 21 years

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Rudy Giuliani. I think that would be an interesting talk and something you wouldn’t usually get exposed to, but also the opportunity to meet and listen to a lot of people that I haven’t heard speak for some time, and just develop some new relationships at AREC which we’ve done in the past.

“One of the reasons we’re going to AREC – we’re going as a team. There’s 16 of us here that are going from the office. Across the Hocking Stuart group there are nearly 60 guys going.”

Glen mentions new technologies including social media, saying there are “lots of things that have changed in real estate” which is one of the reasons he attends AREC, to “make sure we’re not behind”.

He also likes the fact that AREC allows you to “see what the next decade in Real Estate holds – you always get that from AREC. You always find out from AREC what’s coming up.”

“To me AREC just boosts your career and really does put you back in the game.”

“If you are starting your career after one or two years it is very hard to get to the next level unless you listen to a dozen people that know what they’re doing. And after about year two or three I was able to double and triple my business from going to AREC.”

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