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AREC - Matt Carver

Matt Carver – Director, Biggin Scott

Matt has been in property for 12 years and has owned his own offices for 9 years.

“AREC gives you that little bit of a kick up the butt to make sure that you are following the market trends, what other exceptional performers are doing, how you can be as good as you can when its easy to fall away, to drop into your little sort of golfs and streams.”

“I find AREC immediately, not just for myself, but for my staff, your next three weeks after that, it’s pretty much dynamite in the office.”

“Probably the main thing for me that I’ve seen in the past has been attitude change in staff. A great example is, I had one staff member who was evaluating his career at the time. We took him to AREC. He was really unsure and hadn’t done a great deal of training. My staff member came away from that and it actually set him up to decide that this was the career for him and I can say now that some 9 years later he owns his own agency. So he’s gone from getting out to really getting in.”

“For me initially when I first went to AREC it was fearsome. You had some great performers. To me more now it’s also about building networks and relationships and over the years from formulating these with other agents from interstate and even New Zealand, I’ve picked up property to sell. And this is from people just like the normal vendor in the street that you build a level of trust, you see them repetitively and they’ll ring you up and say ‘I’ve got someone in your neighbourhood, would you be interested in selling?’ Nice phone call. I’ve done it the other way as well. So that was probably the best part.”

“The thing I’d say to someone who hasn’t been to AREC, or who has only been once or twice – for the cost and expense to go, relative to what it can actually bring you down the track as far as performance, or even financially, you’d be mad, absolutely mad, not to go.”

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