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ARPM speaker profile: Craig Harper

Real estate professionals feeling as though they are stuck in a bit of a rut - both professionally and personally - may find that attending a property management program can help them find the inspiration they need to step forward and make positive change.

Conventions such as the up and coming Australasian Property Management Conference (ARPM) bring together a range of different speakers all committed to providing their audience with one thing - motivation.

Or at least that is what will be the focal point of author and keynote speaker, Craig Harper, who is presenting at ARPM on August 5.

Living life to the full

Craig has had a colourful career, to say the least.

Described on his website as a "self-help motivator, author, international presenter, TV fitness bloke, high-performance coach, realist, philosopher, teller of crappy jokes, entrepreneur, innovator, business owner, exercise scientist, cheesecake-aholic, wanna-be alpha-male warrior and possibly the world's worst singer," he has dabbled in a range of different jobs and industries.

But one thing he knows a lot about is achieving goals - even if his way of doing so is not always entirely orthodox. 

Stop complaining, start acting: be the change

Craig has a different approach to motivational speaking than others. He is the kind of guy that takes no excuses - so try and complain around him and you will be in for a hard time.

He believes that change has to come from within - and that if we spent a little less time trying to blame other people for our downfalls or complain about our misfortunes, then we could all start doing some pretty exceptional things.

"It's not about what's going on around us; it's about what's going on within us," says Craig.

"Once we start to change how we see ourselves, we start to change our reality."

Why ARPM 2012?

A good property management convention hosts a range of different speakers, all coming for the same reason - to motivate - but delivering advice in unique ways.

Craig's angle may not work for everyone - but they may hit home for some, and that's what's important.

He will cover topics ranging from setting goals to finding the solution to problems, before ending with a speech called "Create Lasting Change in Your World".

If you are interested in listening to Craig and other speakers, come along to ARPM 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. The property management conference is being held on August 5 and 6 - there will also be a Trade Show and exclusive networking opportunities. Register and learn more about ARPM 2012.





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