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ARPM speaker profile: Katie Knight

One of the reasons why attending a property management convention is so rewarding is that it is an opportunity to listen to successful managers and agents speak.

They all have their own story to tell and advice to share because they have all had unique experiences.

One of these people is Katie Knight, an award winning branch manager at Remax Toowoomba.

She will be coming along to the Australasian Residential Property Management Conference (ARPM) this year, which is being held in Sydney.

Here is some information about this superstar property manager to get you started.

Award winning success

You know you have made it when you start to compile a list of awards next to your name.

Katie is a three time winner of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland's Property Manager of the Year award.

She picked up the prize in 2008, 2010 and 2012 - and if that's not enough, she was also a finalist for the same award in 2009 and 2011.

That's not bad for just over 14 years in the industry. Many other agents have been working the property management scene for much longer.

Yet it's hardly surprising, considering during her time at Remax Toowoomba she has seen the rent roll grow to 1,430 residential properties and 280 commercial and storage shed facilities.

A team player

A gracious winner, Katie puts her success down to the commitment and support of her team.

Speaking to The Chronicle in February this year, Katie said she is lucky to have such an experience and talented group of people working around her.

"We have a lot of experience in our team," she told the local paper (February 16).

"While it is an individual award, I accepted on behalf of the whole team."

Topics at ARPM 2012

At ARPM 2012, Katie will be delivering a few presentations - kickstarted with some footage the ARPM film crew have taken, titled 'A Day in the Life of Australia's Top Property Manager.'

Then Katie herself will take the reins and speak about mistakes, learning lessons, the importance of everyday basics, good customer service and share some property management training tips.

If you are interested in listening to Katie and other speakers, come along to ARPM 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. The property management conference is being held on August 5 and 6 - there will also be a Trade Show and exclusive networking opportunities. Register and learn more about ARPM 2012.





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