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ARPM speaker profile: Josh Phegan

Sometimes real estate professionals attend property management conventions because they are motivated, proactive and looking for ways to improve their career.

Others attend these training sessions in search of that motivation and drive, in hope that they will hear something that they haven't heard before that will spark a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their career.

This is where Josh Phegan comes in. Known around the industry as one of the best high performance coaches available, Josh specialises in inspiring agents to take hold of their potential, find focus and - most importantly - get results.

He will be coming along to the Australasian Residential Property Management Conference (ARPM) in August. In the meantime, here is a bit more information about Josh to get you started.

Focus + clarity = high performance

One of the biggest traps that many professionals fall into - be they in the real estate industry or another sector - is losing clarity.

One minute they are committed to achieving results, the next they are in autopilot - turning up to work, putting in the hours but not present or focused.

Josh aims to help people find focus and clarity so that they can get their performance on track.

Thinking outside the square

The reason Josh is so good at delivering relevant, useful advice is because he knows what it is like to be an agent struggling to get boost his own sales.

He started off in the industry just like anyone else, only Josh wanted to see results, and to see them fast - this is why he didn't want to wait around for success to come to him.

To accelerate his career and improve his performance, he began thinking outside the square, trying to find unique and creative ways to increase sales.

This approach proved successful, prompting Josh to realise that many other agents around the country could benefit from applying his systems.

Now he is one Australia's leading high performance coaches, helping other people reach their full potential.

What can we expect at ARPM 2012?

Josh is a seasoned speaker - one of the main aspects of his job is delivering presentations - so we are lucky to have him sharing his expertise at ARPM 2012.

He will head five short presentations, including one called The Little Known Secrets of True Salesmanship and another about understanding the needs of your client.

If you are interested in listening to Josh and other speakers, come along to ARPM 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. The property management conference is being held on August 5 and 6 - there will also be a Trade Show and exclusive networking opportunities. Register and learn more about ARPM 2012.





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