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Gender gap is closing

An American study has shown the closing gap between men and women in high-end workplaces.

Questions focused on personality traits, previous experience and leadership styles employed in the workplace in an attempt to identify how these factors impacted on career success - and what difference gender might play in the process.

One of the most striking similarities identified by the study was the strong correlation between the answers of business owners, who identified their preferred leadership style as "transformational" and their apparent level of achievement.

Head of the study Dr Jude Miller-Burke says that a majority of the respondents felt that it was their "confidence in their managerial skills" that provided them with successful careers.

Other findings showed that hard work and previous experience was more likely to produce a successful career, as opposed to coming from a wealthy family, with 52 per cent of male and 42 per cent of female respondents hailing from middle-class backgrounds.

"While there's an image of wealthy, successful people coming from wealth, in truth many come from poverty," Miller-Burke asserted in an interview with WebMD.

Miller-Burke also asserted that professional management coaching may give managers the leadership training edge they are looking for.





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