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Successful leadership depends on mindset

When an individual makes the transition to becoming a manager, they may find it hard to let go of their previous role and the duties attached to it.

This is because we as people are creatures of habit - if we do something on a regular enough basis, it eventually comes to form part of our identity.

The way we introduce ourselves to strangers is evidence of this - one of the first conversations that occurs involves the phrase: "So, what do you do?"

Managers who are fresh to the position may find that their new role requires them to let go of past skills and focus more on communications and leadership development.

While employees are required to contribute through application of their celebrated skill-sets, it is the role of senior staff to provide support that enable others, rather than contributing directly as they may have been used to.

If they fail to do this - if the shift in mindset from worker to leader is not complete - then the department or firm will suffer from a lack of direction that can have dire implications.

One of the most effective methods of directing this transitional process is through mentoring programs - with experienced managers guiding their charges throughout the development process.





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