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Empowerment is key to a productive workforce

It has long been suspected that small factors can make a big difference in terms of management performance.

Effective leaders have always been able to somehow provide their workers with the kind of environment that provides them with the stimulation they need to produce consistent, positive results.

Simple factors could play an important role in developing this kind of workplace culture - actions that many managers may not have otherwise considered.

While guidance programs and coaching protocols have been used by many firms to assist their employees in realising their potential, there may be a key element to these structured frameworks that gets in the way.

Feedback and encouragement have been shown in many studies to produce consistently improved behaviour, but this may be due to the Hawthorne Effect - where workers who feel that they have gained the attention of others modify their behaviour.

However, this is not sustainable in the long term, and managers with leadership training may recognise that there are other, more practical means to generate increased performance levels.

The immediacy with which positive feedback is given will directly affect the motivation of staff members, as will the length of time required to gain assistance.

By improving on these two aspects, leaders may find that they can promote a more productive work environment.





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