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AREC property training for real estate success


Regardless of your level of experience or skill in the real estate sector, you are likely to find there are plenty of benefits when it comes to property training.

A real estate training seminar such as TRET's AREC conference can be a useful opportunity for those in the know to share ideas, gain inspiration and insights from industry thought leaders and work to improve their skills and abilities.



ARPM property management training for real estate excellence


When it comes to property management, you'll find the industry is constantly growing and changing.

Property managers are faced with a range of unique daily challenges - from networking and relationship building to marketing and sales.

To keep up with emerging trends and ensure you are continually developing your skills across all aspects of the property management sector, an industry training program may be well worth considering.



RELC leadership development programs for confidence and growth


Real estate industry professionals know that there is always room to rejuvenate, grow and gain valuable leadership skills for continued success in the sector.

One of the best strategies to develop these skills is to consider attending a RELC training seminar specifically tailored for people in the industry.



ARPM Speakers - Jonathon Handford and Vasili Hadzellis


Check out these videos and see for yourself why you can't afford to miss Jonathon Handford and Vasili Hadzellis at ARPM 2011.



ARPM Speakers - Paul Tonich and Alex Scott


Check out these videos and see for yourself why you can't afford to miss Paul Tonich and Alex Scott at ARPM 2011.



Bonus AREC Implementation Webinar with John McGrath and Michael Sheargold

Join Michael Sheargold and John McGrath for the AREC Implementation webinar on Tuesday May 31st at 11am (Sydney Time) DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.



White House bid still on Rudy Giuliani wish list


HE MIGHT be on the lecture circuit in Sydney, but former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is still dreaming of the biggest job in the world - the US presidency.

After an address to the Australasian Real Estate Conference in Sydney yesterday, Mr Giuliani admitted he was considering a presidential tilt in the 2012 US election.



RELC Speaker - Nic Lucas


Check out this video and see for yourself why you can't afford to miss Nic Lucas at RELC 2011.



AREC - Glen Coutinho

Glen Coutinho – Director of Hocking Stuart

Glen has been in Real estate for 21 years

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Rudy Giuliani. I think that would be an interesting talk and something you wouldn’t usually get exposed to, but also the opportunity to meet and listen to a lot of people that I haven’t heard speak for some time, and just develop some new relationships at AREC which we’ve done in the past.



AREC - James Tostevin

James Tostevin – Director Marshall White

James has been in Real Estate for 26 years.

“I’ve been to all 13 ARECS. I really do enjoy it and obviously the fact that I’ve gone back year after year says a lot about how much I’ve got from each conference and how much I’ve learnt.”



AREC - Matt Carver

Matt Carver – Director, Biggin Scott

Matt has been in property for 12 years and has owned his own offices for 9 years.

“AREC gives you that little bit of a kick up the butt to make sure that you are following the market trends, what other exceptional performers are doing, how you can be as good as you can when its easy to fall away, to drop into your little sort of golfs and streams.”





Imagine what its like to be bringing in 20-30 new managements per month. While still maintaining a fee index at least 1% higher than that of your local competitor.

Check out this video on why you can't afford to miss Vasili Hadellis at ARPM 2011



Get inspiration from last year’s AREC speakers


If you attended last year’s AREC you’ll remember the wealth of inspirational and educational speakers that took part, including Bob Geldof, Erik Wahl and Edward De Bono.

View this video reminder of last year’s speakers and you’ll see why you can’t afford to miss out on AREC 11.



New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as keynote speaker in AREC 2011


Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be returning to Australia for the first time in six years as keynote speaker at the 14th Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC11) to be held at Sydney Convention Centre from 22-23 May 2011.




Conference boasts international line up

BREAKING NEWS - Conference boasts international line up



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