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Work As If You Own It - WAS $30.00

At some point in our lives most of us have thought about:
being our OWN BOSS 
working our OWN HOURS 
making our OWN CHOICES


Author: Kirsty Spraggon

At some point in our lives most of us have thought about:
being our OWN BOSS 
working our OWN HOURS 
making our OWN CHOICES

... But few have the courage to make it happen. If you have dared to take the path less travelled and have embraced your entrepreneurial spirit then this is the book for you.

Whether you enter the world of commission sales through real estate, the automotive industry, network marketing, mortgage broking, financial planning, insurance or recruitment (just to name a few) you should be working as if you own the business.

In this practical ‘how to’ book you will be guided every step of the way from start up to success.
Discover how to:

✓ master the transition from employee to entrepreneur
✓ identify the beliefs and mindset barriers that may hold you back
✓ set up and run like a business with a clear plan & strategy
✓ position yourself as an expert and create a perception around your brand 
✓ master the art of delegation, outsourcing and making the most of your time 
✓ thrive instead of just survive by planning for the long haul
✓ achieve all this while still maintaining balance ... and your sanity

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